French possessive adjectives (mon, ma, mes…)

French lesson 5 of grammar: possessive adjectives (mon, ma, mes…) in French

Knowing the possessive adjectives (mon, ma, mes, etc.) in French is really very important. Indeed, they are widely used. At the beginner level (A1 level), this is one of the first things to learn and master. The video below will teach you how to use the French possessive adjectives:

Thanks to this video, you will learn possessive adjectives in French. To learn them well, repeat after the teacher. When the teacher says “mon”, say “mon”, when the teacher says “ma”, say “ma”, when the teacher says “mes”, say “mes”, and so on. Thus, you will be able to understand orally and pronounce the French possessive adjectives well. To do well, watch the video several times, repeating after the teacher. To write and read French possessive adjectives well, copy the list below several times:

mon, ma, mes
ton, ta, tes
son, sa, ses
notre, notre, nos
votre, votre, vos
leur, leur, leurs

il, ellesonsases
ils, ellesleurleurleurs
Examples :

J’ai un livre. C’est mon livre. = I have a book. It's my book.
J’ai une voiture. C’est ma voiture. = I have a car. That's my car.
J’ai des livres. Ce sont mes livres. = I have books. These are my books.

Tu as un livre. C’est ton livre. = You have a book. It's your book.
Tu as une voiture. C’est ta voiture. = You have a car. It's your car.
Tu as des voitures. Ce sont tes voitures. = You have cars. These are your cars.

Elle a un livre. C’est son livre. She has a book. This is her book.
Il a une voiture. C’est sa voiture. He has a car. It's his car.
Elle a des livres. Ce sont ses livres. She has books. These are her books.

Nous avons un livre. C’est notre livre. = We have a book. This is our book.
Nous avons une voiture. C’est notre voiture. = We have a car. This is our car.
Nous avons des livres. Ce sont nos livres. = We have books. These are our books.

Vous avez un livre. C’est votre livre. You have a book. This is your book.
Vous avez une voiture. C’est votre voiture. = You have a car. It's your car.
Vous avez des voitures. Ce sont vos voitures. = You have cars. These are your cars.

Elles ont un livre. C’est leur livre. They have a book. This is their book.
Ils ont une voiture. C’est leur voiture. = They have a car. It's their car.
Elles ont des voitures. Ce sont leurs voitures. = They have cars. These are their cars.

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