Flemotion: why? for who ? by who ?

Why ? The concept

The goal is to make learning French accessible everywhere and for everyone.

Flemotion offers free online French courses. Thanks to Flemotion, you can learn French thanks to videos accompanied by explanatory texts. We offer you complete French courses made up of lessons that follow a logical and coherent progression to learn the French language.

In addition to offering complete French courses based on progression by level, Flemotion allows you to learn French through video mini-courses on specific points of the French language.

The “French courses” section offers complete lessons from beginner to experienced level. We also offer mini-courses classified by themes (communication, conjugation, grammar, vocabulary, culture, DELF DALF) and by level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). So you can follow the progress of our French courses in order or choose one of our mini-courses according to your needs.

At the beginning, for the levels, we chose to use those defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Even if this choice of level distributions demonstrates an FFL approach, this is not at all contradictory to other contexts of teaching / learning French. Our videos and teaching aids can be used by learners, teachers and parents in all French language teaching-learning contexts.

Please note that our educational content is presented and organized differently but in a complementary manner on this site and on the Youtube channel Flemotion : apprendre le français (video 100% in French but still useful for English speakers to learn French) and on the Youtube channel Learn French with Flemotion (videos with explanations in English). So, we recommend that you use these three platforms. In addition, there is content on this site that is not on our Youtube channels and vice versa.

For who ? For everyone

Learn French
For all pupils, students and learners of the French language

Our French courses are useful for foreign learners as well as for people of French mother tongue. Our French courses are aimed at all types of audiences: children, teens, adults and cover all levels from beginner to experienced.

For all FLE and French teachers

Our teaching materials are also intended for teachers of FLE (Français Langue Étrangère = French as a Foreign Language), FLM (Français Langue Maternelle = French as a mother tongue), FLS (Français Langue Seconde = French as a second language), FLESCO (Français Langue de SCOlarité = French as a language of SCOlarity), etc., teachers in all types of contexts. Indeed, our videos and other types of teaching aids can be used in multiple ways: lesson preparation, flipped class, revisions, evaluations, to fill the gaps of certain students, to provide essential content to learners absent during certain sessions. courses, etc.

For the parents

Thanks to Flemotion your children will be able to learn and progress in French. You can help them by making them watch the videos and doing the exercises. To do this, read the explanations and recommendations of our articles on this website and the descriptions of the videos on Youtube. All videos have a detailed description that explains how to work on the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Follow the instructions on this website and the descriptions of the videos on Youtube to guide your children in learning French. We will do our best to translate our website and Youtube channel into as many languages as possible. In addition, we will be producing manuals for parents. Thus, you will be able to help your children even if you do not speak French.

By who ? By education and web experts

Learn French for free

Flemotion is created and developed by kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school, university and FLE teachers. In addition, there is a technical team for the website, Youtube channels, social media management, video creation and many other technical aspects. Everyone working on this project has strong skills and proven experience in their respective areas of expertise. To summarize, we have brought together the best to offer the best online French courses for free to make learning French accessible everywhere and for everyone.

Help us: it's easy and free

Flemotion is bound to develop perpetually. The creation of videos, texts, websites, management of social networks, etc., require a lot of time. All this work is done on a voluntary basis by our team and we have contributed to ensure the expenses related to the technique (purchase of hardware, software, domain name fees, web hosting, etc.).

To help us, it's very easy and free:

1) Subscribe to the Youtube channel Flemotion : apprendre le français (video 100% in French but still useful for English speakers to learn French) and to the Youtube channel Learn French with Flemotion (videos with explanations in English).

2) Like, share and comment on our videos.

3) Join us on the Facebook page Flemotion : apprendre le français.

4) Share our articles and videos on your social networks, blogs and websites.

5) Tell your friends and colleagues about us.

6) For teachers, use our videos and educational content for your lessons and advise Flemotion to your learners.

7) Can you help us translate our website? That's great ! Send us an email!

8) Any other way to help us. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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