French courses

French courses to learn French

French courses

Here, we offer you French courses as if you were taking French courses in a French Institute, an Alliance Française or any other French learning center. Our French courses follow a logical and coherent progression: from beginner level to experienced level. Thus, you can learn French thanks to our instructions, our videos and other educational content independently or in addition to French courses that you take face-to-face.

For each lesson, it's up to you to decide how much time you need to master it. Of course, this depends on various factors: the proximity of your mother tongue to French, your motivation, your time available to learn, your opportunities to speak French, etc.

In any case, do not hesitate to go back to review videos of French language lessons or points (communication, conjugation, grammar, vocabulary, culture, DELF DALF). Indeed, learning a foreign language is a spiral and at times we all need to go back to consolidate our learning. There is no rush, the main thing is to make the effort to learn, to be persistent and to progress at your own pace. Learning a foreign language is both easy and difficult. Either way, you are on the right track. You shouldn't be shy and get stuck for fear of doing wrong. To complete our lessons, it is very important to speak French as soon as you have the opportunity.

Our French courses consist of one lesson or several lessons in communication accompanied by lessons in conjugation, grammar and vocabulary in connection with the lessons of communication. Here are the courses currently available:

French course 1: learn to introduce yourself in French

French course 2: learn to introduce someone in French

French course 3: learn to greet and take leave in French

French course 4: learn to introduce your family in French

French course 5: learn to ask closed questions in French

French course 6: learn to talk about your tastes in French

French course 7: learn to describe yourself physically in French

French course 8: describe a person in French

French course 9: learn to describe objects in French

French course 10: learn to ask open-ended questions in French

French course 11: learn to indicate and understand an itinerary in French

French course 12: learn to shop at the market in French

New French courses and lessons are coming very soon! To be informed of the publication of new videos and new articles on French courses, subscribe to the Youtube channel Flemotion : apprendre le français (video 100% in French but still useful for English speakers to learn French) and to the Youtube channel Learn French with Flemotion (videos with explanations in English) and to the Facebook page Flemotion : apprendre le français.