French stressed pronouns (moi, toi, lui…)

French lesson 7 of grammar: stressed pronouns (moi, toi, lui…) in French

Knowing the stressed pronouns in French is really very important. Indeed, they are widely used. Stressed pronouns are also called emphatic pronouns or disjunctive pronouns. In French, they are called “pronoms toniques”. They are used for emphasis. In French, the stressed pronouns are: moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux and elles. A stressed pronoun is used to emphasize the person speaking or the person being spoken of. At the beginner level (A1 level), this is one of the first things to learn and master. The video below will teach you how to use stressed pronouns in French:

Thanks to this video and this article, you will learn the French stressed pronouns. To learn them well, repeat after the teacher. When the teacher says "moi" say "moi", when the teacher says "toi" say "toi", etc., up to "Elles". Thus, you will be able to understand orally and pronounce stressed pronouns in French. To do well, watch the video several times, repeating after the teacher.

The table below gives you the french stressed pronouns according to the french subject personal pronouns:

French subject personal pronouns
French stressed pronouns
Translation in English of the French stressed pronouns:

Moi = Me
Toi = You
Lui = Him
Elle = Her
Nous = Us
Vous = You
Eux = Them
Elles = Them

In French, stressed pronouns can have several uses (to be used in different contexts). This beginner's lesson focuses on the main use to be mastered at the beginner level: emphasizing the person speaking or the person being talked about. Example: Je suis français. = Moi, je suis français. The other uses will be seen in other lessons.

Example with this sentence with the two french subject personal pronouns “je” and “tu”:

“Je parle et tu manges.”

To accentuate the “je” and “tu” with french stressed pronouns (stressed pronouns are in red):

Moi, je parle et toi, tu manges.”

Other examples to accentuate your subject with french stressed pronouns from sentences with french subject personal pronouns (stressed pronouns are in red):

1) Tu es français ? Moi ? Oui, je suis français.

2) Elle, elle a un chat et lui, il a un chien.

3) Moi, je parle anglais et eux, ils parlent français.

4) Nous, nous ne parlons pas anglais.

To deepen this grammar lesson on French stressed pronouns, you can study the French course: learn to introduce your family.

Once you have successfully mastered this grammar lesson on French stressed pronouns, you can move on to the next French grammar lesson:

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