French descriptive adjectives

French lesson 9 of grammar: French descriptive adjectives (grand, petit, gros…)

French descriptive adjectives

Knowing the French descriptive adjectives (grand, petit, gros, etc.) is really very important. Indeed, in French, descriptive adjectives like grand, grande, gros, grosse, maigre, mince, etc., are widely used. They allow you to describe yourself or to describe someone. At the beginner level (A1 level), this is one of the first things to learn and master. The video below will teach you how to use descriptive adjectives in French:

Thanks to this video and this article, you will learn the French descriptive adjectives. To fully understand and pronounce descriptive adjectives in French, watch the video several times, repeating after the teacher. When the teacher says “grand”, say “grand”. When the teacher says “grande”, say “grande”. When the teacher says “petit”, say “petit”, etc. Thus, you will be able to understand orally and pronounce the French descriptive adjectives well. To do this correctly, watch the video several times, repeating each descriptive adjective out loud after the teacher.

To fully understand French descriptive adjectives in writing and to write them well, copy them several times. Here is the list of descriptive adjectives featured in the video (in chronological order):
grand = tallgrande = tall
petit = smallpetite = small
gros = big or large grosse = big or large
maigre = skinnymaigre = skinny
mince = thin mince = thin
La taille = sizeIl mesure 1m80. =

He measures 1m80.
Elle mesure 1m70. =

She measures 1m70.
Le poids = weighIl pèse 72 kilos. =

He weighs 72 kilos.
Elle pèse 55 kilos. =

She weighs 55 kilos.
L'âge de 0 à 55 ans =

Age 0 to 55.
jeune = young

Il est jeune. = He is young.
jeune = young

Elle est jeune. = She is young.
L'âge de 55 ans à +

= Age 55 to +
vieux = old

Il est vieux. = He is old.
vieille = old

Elle est vieille. = She is old.
Pour les cheveux =

For hair
blond = blond
Il est blond. = 
He is blond.

brun = brown
Il est brun.  =
He is brown haired.

roux = redhead
Il est roux. =
He is red-hair.
blonde = blond hair
Elle est blonde. =
She is blonde.

brune = brown
Elle est brune. =
She has brown hair.

rousse = redhead
Elle est rousse. =
She has red hair.
Pour les yeux =

For eyes
Il a les yeux bleus. =
He has blue eyes.

Il a les yeux verts. =
He has green eyes.

Il a les yeux marron.
He has brown eyes.

Il a les yeux noirs. =
He has black eyes.
Elle a les yeux bleus. =
She has blue eyes.

Elle a les yeux verts. =
She has green eyes.

Elle a les yeux marron. =
She has brown eyes.

Elle a les yeux noirs. =
She has black eyes.
Attention, for the hair, we can say: “Il a les cheveux blonds.” and “Elles a les cheveux blonds.”. In this case, the french descriptive adjective "blond" matches the french noun "cheveux" which is masculine plural. This is why we add an "s" to the french descriptive adjective "blond" = "blonds". We will also say: “Il a les cheveux bruns.”, “Elle a les cheveux bruns.”, “Il a les cheveux roux.” and “Elle a les cheveux roux.”.

Be careful, for the color brown (marron), there is no plural "s". That’s why even though “yeux (eyes)” is plural of “oeil (eye)”, we write “Il a les yeux marron.” and “Elle a les yeux marron.”; therefore without “s” to marron.

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