French adverbs of quantity

French lesson 16 of grammar: French adverbs of quantity

French adverbs of quantity
This lesson is intended for beginners (level A1). It focuses on the use of 4 adverbs of quantity frequently used in French. These are  the French adverbs of quantity peu, assez, beaucoup et trop (little, enough, a lot, and too much or too many). They provide information on the quantity of an item. The video below will teach you how to use these 4 French adverbs of quantity (peu, assez, beaucoup, trop) to express a quantity:

Express quantity with French adverbs of quantity (peu, assez, beaucoup, trop)

Table of adverbs of quantity (peu, assez, beaucoup et trop) with simple definition and English adverb translation:
Simple definition
Translation in English
PeuIndicates a small quantityLittle
AssezIndicates sufficient quantityEnough
BeaucoupIndicates a large quantityA lot
TropIndicates excessToo much, too many
Examples of the use of the French adverbs of quantity peu, assez, beaucoup et trop with their English translation:

Je mange peu de viande. = I eat little meat.

Il mange assez de fruits. = He eats enough fruit.

Elles mangent beaucoup de bonbons. = They eat a lot of candy.

Ils boivent trop de sodas. = They drink too many sodas.

As is the case in the examples above, when the adverb of quantity brings precision to a noun (viande, fruits, bonbons, sodas), it is followed by the preposition “ de ” or “ d' ” if the name begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u, y).

Note that there are other adverbs of quantity in French such as autant, moins, plus, aussi, encore, très... For this lesson, we wanted to keep it simple by focusing on the 4 adverbs (peu, assez, beaucoup, trop). Indeed, these 4 adverbs constitute a good basis for beginners. The other French adverbs of quantity will be the subject of further lessons. For the French adverbs of quantity (plus, moins, aussi, autant), you can study the lesson on the comparison with plus, moins, aussi and autant in French.

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